Your Intuitive Energetic Reading Session - Original


This personalized session provides you the opportunity to allow me to connect to your "pranic" or life force energy as I associate with your seven chakra centers.  During this 20 - 30 minute session, I will be providing you intuitive insights on your current energetic state, based on a question that you provide me! In addition, I will recommend a simple and "effective" energetic balancing exercise that can help you maintain a healthy personal energy field.  Please note that I am a master of color and energy... and am not a trained medical professional! However, I have learned by working with the vibrational effects of color, that the more you become attuned to what you personally need energetically or in what you are attracting to you energetically can and will affect you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!  Your energetic essence is uniquely yours!

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