Your Beloved Pet's Energetic Portrait - Personalized


50% OFF Special Offer through December 2020

Besides loving my gift of creating beautiful one-of-a-kind energetic art, I have ALWAYS loved my beloved pups!   In July 2019 I sent my sweet Lillie over the Rainbow Bridge.  She was a beautiful 11 year old Bichon Frise who had been diagnosed with an aggressive blood vessel sarcoma.   She let me know when it was her time, and I am continuing to miss her special personality everyday!   Every one of our pets have a purpose in our lives, and Lillie was the "consoler"!   What a gift I have had with her as a part of my life.  

After completing her energetic portrait, I made the decision to create this special offer so that you can experience your pet's energy and enjoy it for many years.  Lillie's portrait means everything to me!


The energetic bond you and your pet share is infinite!  A beautiful energetic portrait of your pet, or the energy of the bond you shared with your pet, will continue to help you feel and remember how much your loving pet has meant to you for many years!  

Unlike a photograph or a realistic painting of your pet, this energetic portrait connects your heart with your pet's loving bond to you!  It is energy in motion and you will feel an immediate and lasting comfort when you receive this specialized portrait!

Size: 11" x 14" original art.

Includes: FREE 16" x  20" acid-free mat for easy framing in a 16" x 20" frame (not included).




After you pay for you purchase:

Email me at and upload and attach a picture of you and your pet to the email.                                          

Not comfortable with email???

Mail your photograph(s) to:

Life Force Energetic Art, c/o Dr. Mary Ursits

393 Stockwood Drive, Woodstock, GA 30188

I will email you when your art is being shipped to you!  


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