Energetic Coasters

Energetic Coasters

These energetic coasters capture the same positive healing energy of color vibration present in the original art!

They are sold as a set of four plastic coasters, and are 3.75" x 3.75" with a non-slip cork backing.

Enjoy infusing the healing energy of color vibration into your hot or cold drinks throughout the day!

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Infinite Love Coaster

The energy of "Infinite Love" is captured on durable plastic energetic coasters. Your Divine connection to God and everyone who loves you is forever present in your heart! These three words, "I LOVE YOU", are so very powerful! FEEL your heart warm and tingle with the shimmering beauty of "Infinite Love"and the healing energy it provides.


Unconditional Love Coaster

"Unconditional Love" can help serve as a reminder to us that the healing energy of LOVE is more powerful than any other human emotion!



Healing Circle Coaster

This sacred "Healing Circle" of energy is continuously in motion with positive and pure color vibration! Focus on the center of this beautiful piece and notice how quickly the energy brings you to a total state of peace and calm. 


Priestesses of Mother Earth Coaster

Your "Priestess" energy exists because of your spiritual connection to your Divine Feminine Source and the inner calm you feel and experience when you consciously connect to this pure love and healing energy.

As you experience the vibrational effects of this beautiful piece, feel how you are being grounded by the energy of "Mother Earth"!

Move your steps forward as you strengthen the inner wisdom and insights you need to enjoy each day of the special path life brings.