Loved Ones Portrait

Loved Ones Portrait

My mother passed away in 1977, and I was a twenty-six year old daughter who didn't want to believe that the loving bond we had together was over. And that was the beginning of my spiritual quest to gain an understanding of what I now believe in acknowledging that our "soul essence" is infinite and everlasting! I have always felt my mother has been and continues to be with me, and several pieces of my art, including Joyful Motion for example, have been purposeful affirmations of her ongoing soulful presence in my life!

Several years ago, I discovered that my Divine Source, God, provided me a very unique gift in being able to connect with the energy of a person's soul essence and capture their energy in art. I begin each portrait by first balancing my personal energetic field and recite my own special prayer. Next I ask permission to connect to your loved one's energy from the heart of their soul essence and the portrait begins until I intuitively know when it is complete.

It is a very heart-warming experience to be a participant in creating these special portraits! I will also provide you insights into your loved one's energetic portrait either when you receive it, or you can make an appointment for a personalized phone conversation.

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These fine art original pastel paintings are 11" x 14" in size. Each original piece comes with a standard outer diameter 16" x 20" acid free mat, and is ready to place in a 16" x 20" inch frame. (not included)

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Your Loved One's Portrait - Personalized

The feelings you have shared with your loved one is what I capture on paper in the form of color vibration and energy! This is your "soul" essence" connection with your loved one and is everlasting!

Unlike a realistic photograph or painting of your loved one, all of the energetic portraits I create today are from specifically working with the Divine "Christ" energy. In believing the "soul" essence of every human being is infinite, my clients have trusted me to create energetic portraits of their deceased loved ones who are so dear to THEM!

Size: 11" x 14" original art, and includes a 16" x 20" acid free mat ready for framing.