"You are here for a purpose."

There is no duplicate of you in the whole wide world. There never has been,

there never will be. You were brought here now to fill a certain need.

Take time to think that over.

- Lou Austin

Now YOU can Experience art through the healing energy of color!


"Dr. Mary sent this beautiful energetic print, "Loving Presence", to me.   I have it up in the room with my mother, and she is getting a lot of delight out of it!  She has been suffering from congestive heart failure for over a year, and since it has been up, she is doing amazing and is in full recovery with other things we have been doing!"

Angel Thacker, California 

(Fall 2017)

(Other testimonials found in PERSONALIZED ART)

Listen To Angel

"it's all about your journey!"

Just imagine how the energetic color vibrations of this healing art can benefit you!

You are an amazing energetic Being!

Your Energy is unique to you, like a fingerprint is to a person!

Allow this Energetic art to help you self-actualize

the healing energy of color vibrations

Why Life Force Energetic Art?

Understanding your Personal Energy

You have seven energy centers that are continually changing in your energetic body as you experience everything you create in your daily life!  The positive color vibrations of Life Force energetic art affect both your conscious and higher conscious to help you bring balance to your personal energetic self!

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