This very special class is for you if you have always wanted to create a piece of art, and you haven’t quite known where to start and how to get to the finish line! No experience is needed with this class!

Dr. Mary has created six individualized step-by-step lessons to teach you how to incorporate simple art principles and design elements into fun and relaxing drawing activities. Once you understand how you can use these tools in creating a piece of art you will become the “master” of your own art!

A very special BONUS lesson is also waiting for you!

You also receive "Lifetime" membership when you sign up for this class!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $119.00

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Thank you for your interest in the "Zero Experience Art" class I have developed for you!   Yes, you can have fun and relax as I teach you simple art principles and design techniques with a step-by-step approach to learning. Simply fill out the form below! I am thrilled to have new students, and am excited to share the lessons I have created for you!

My gift to you for signing up is a FREE resource on "Creating Art With Your Imagination!"  It's on the way!


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